DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Learn How We Protect Our Customers Against Malicious DDoS Attacks

The term DDoS (Distributed Denial of Serviceattack refers to the overloading of a server or a service, which is the goal of the attack, by sending a high amount of – often useless – requests, so that the server or the service is not able to fulfill its regular tasks anymore. The server or service is proverbially “blown away”, it is not possible to reach it anymore via the Internet, for as long as the attack continues.
Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are gradually becoming a more common occurrence on the Internet. Servers of DeHost customers are becoming the target of such attacks more often as well. Without an effective DDoS protection, servers under attack would not be available on the Internet for a prolonged time.
In order to protect our customers from such attacks and the accompanying availability problems as well as possible, DeHost has developed an in-house DDoS protection. This DDoS protection is free of charge for all of our customers, it is activated automatically for all servers and webspace packages.
Popular Questions Regarding DDoS Protection

De|Host DDoS protection

1What do I have to do as a DeHost customer to get the DDoS protection?

Nothing. Our DDoS protection is free of charge for all DeHost customers and it is activated automatically for all servers and webspace packets in the DeHost data centers. Both our existing customers and new customers have to do nothing, your uplink will be automatically and permanently guarded by our DDoS protection.

2How does the DeHost DDoS protection work?

The DeHost DDoS protection is a security system that automatically detects most DDoS attack patterns and filters the incoming traffic to the server so that the "malicious" attacking traffic is dropped and only the "real" desired traffic arrives at your server. This means that you, as a DeHost customer, will barely notice a possible attack while our DDoS protection filters the ongoing attack for you.

3What can I expect from DeHost DDoS protection?

The DeHost DDoS protection was developed in a way that it recognizes 99% of all attack patterns which it will then filter. In all these cases, our aim is that your server will stay online and available on the Internet, even if they are under attack.

4What are the limits of DeHost DDoS protection?

Like every other DDoS protection which is used or offered on the Internet, the DeHost DDoS protection has its limits. Although our protection recognizes and filters 99% of all attack patterns, there are some DDoS attacks that can not be mitigated because of their pattern or sheer volume. The probability that your server is affected by attacks that our DDoS protection can not filter is very low. We also work continuously on further improving our protection system so that even attacks that we can not avert today will be recognized and filtered in the near future as well. Nonetheless, we ask for your understanding that the DeHost DDoS protection - like any other DDoS protection - represents no guarantee that your server system will be protected from every DDoS attack theoretically conceivable.